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Palenque is a site of outstanding beauty located to the north of the State of Chiapas. It is part of the central section of the former Mayan area, which saw a remarkable cultural development during the time of that legendary civilization. It is a place of particular architectural and aesthetical importance, which makes this exceptional city, nested in the middle of the jungle, one of the greatest creations of the old times.

The city, featuring a priceless variety of architectural sites, will transport you to the past in locations such as the Temple of Inscriptions and The Palace; the latter, a breathless site that in its ancient murals highlights how, before any contact with the western world, Mesoamerican people created great civilizations with political and social organization, holding high religious, humanistic, artistic and scientific values. Other important buildings are: The Tomb of the Red Queen, the Temple of the Foliated Cross and the Temple of the Sun.

Open to everyone, jungle areas and the exuberant hydrological resources are other attractions that the visitors cannot miss; they offer a very interesting variety of activities, from eco-trekking to real adventures, such as rafting. Strolling at the Agua Azul Waterfall National Park, or the Usumacinta river in the border, make for memorable experiences.

Due to the impressive boom of the surroundings, in addition to the cultural interest, there is a wide variety of lodging options, either in renowned hotel chains or in small but comfortable rustic bungalows; every hotel offers restaurant and bar services, some of them offering spa or guides to practice extreme sports, so that the visitor will have a wide range of options for a simply unforgettable trip.


Palenque Archaeological Area

Palenque Museum

Misol-há Waterfalls

Agua Azul Waterfalls

Yaxchilán Archaeological Area

Bonampak Archaeological Area