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Treat yourself at Nututun Palenque

We invite you to treat yourself and your loved ones in the unique ambiance of Hotel Nututun Palenque. Get refreshed in the swimming pool or swim in the river while the little ones enjoy our children area.

In the natural summer resort, we offer kayak rentals, hammocks and all safety measures for you to enjoy the large variety of family activities of our hotel in Palenque without concerns.

After a long, fun day, you can taste delicious dishes in our restaurant or in your room, which as internet access for your comfort.

At Nututun you can:

  • Relax in the Jacuzzi
  • Swim in the pool
  • Walk around in our spacious premises
  • Receive massages and facial treatments in our spa
  • Enjoy a full temazcal (Aztec sauna) session
  • Grill meat outdoors
  • Swim in the river
  • Do kayaking in the summer resort facilities of the hotel
  • Camp and make campfires

If that is not enough, our hotel offers you the beauty and mysticism of Palenque by offering tours to Agua Azul, Misol-Ha, the Lacandona Jungle and the Archaeological Areas of Palenque, Yaxchilán, Bonampak and more.